WordPress Websites

Why is WordPress our platform of choice?

SDM is pleased to offer WordPress solutions for most CMS websites we create and nearly all blogs solutions. WordPress is the #1 open-source driven website cms available, with 25+ million websites.

We have worked with many of the popular CMS platforms and feel WordPress has the fastest learning curve, allowing our customers an easy curve to managing their own website.

WordPress also has great SEO features built in. If you set up WordPress properly from the start, you will have a website that functions very well (from an SEO perspective).

There are thousands of ‘plugins’ available, that make it easy to extend the functionality of your WordPress website. We use a proven blend of themes and plugins allowing us to offer the best bang for your buck.

WordPress offers limitless functionality improvements, allowing your site to grow alongside your imagination. There are numerous fortune 500 companies, celebrities and top 500 websites running WordPress, it’s probably right for your company!