A few kind words from our clients…


I have had the good fortune of asking Daniel to assist me in designing and constructing my NewUSA Issues ForumTM web site. The purpose of the Forum is to allow Americans to carry on a conversation about solutions to a broad number of problems facing our communities and our nation. I had absolutely no knowledge of web site design, and approached Daniel at the suggestion of a local IT professional. I had no prior contact with either. What has developed over the past two years of working with Daniel is my respect for his integrity, his judgement, his honesty, his fiscal fairness, and his professional skill.

I find these traits to be exceptional in a young man intent on developing his business, and I have little doubt, based on our interactions, that he will be successful in his efforts. When I initially presented Daniel with a series of concepts, he made considerable effort to understand what my purpose was and what approach I wanted to use. He provided me with a basic developmental approach that I could understand, and an estimate of what the initial effort would cost. He heard what funds I was initially willing to expend, and didn’t propose a cadillac, but rather a drivable vehicle. As my web site developed, and I kept proposing new functions, Daniel advised me of the practicality, the complexity, and the cost of each option and the combinations thereof.

I developed trust in his approach and in him as we proceeded. This convinced me to make decisions to expend additional funds on the project. In addition to all of this, I found that Daniel was wiling to independently propose options to improve the web site, and after understanding that I had given him the authority, to make improvements which would allow me to more easily control its function myself. This effort was beyond my expectations.

It also has led to my intention to continue requesting his assistance as my project goes public, knowing that he is very capable of dealing with any “glitches” that will appear beyond those either he or I uncovered in testing its functionality. I am not just satisfied with Daniel and his performance on my project, I am exceptionally satisfied. I would recommend his professional services to anyone.

Martin L. Meltz, PhD | NewUSA Issues Forum


One of my first assignments in my new position was to update the Company’s website. We expanded our vision to two websites, one a general Company site and one designed exclusively to attract new drivers. The team at SDM helped us conceptualize, design, and create two completely new websites, using the latest technologies and a flair for design that fit all our needs. They are easy to work with and are true professionals. I can easily recommend them.

Brent Christensen | Certified Freight Logistics


SDM brings our company’s digital presence to life, with a savvy mix of marketing talent, media experience, and mentoring patience.

When we want superior web or digital marketing solutions, we call SDM.

Robert Kramb | Bmark Energy


Having been an entrepreneur for 30 years and launching many companies I’ve had the opportunity to work with some high level website developers and marketing experts. I can say without reservation Daniel Van Boglen and SDM are in a league of their own!

Initially I hired Daniel to build a website and the end result was nothing short of a miracle. He took be through a process no other professional in his industry has ever done. He has a very strategic mind and his unique ability to help you get to clarity on the message you want to deliver to the market place is an exercise every entrepreneur and company must experience if they expect to have a successful online presence. Because of Daniel I now have a unified online and offline presence that is creating significant and measurable results!

Chris Cucchiara | Founder of MindFit Gym


SDM captured the essence of our business through print (catalogs and sell sheets) and digital (web design) media. SDM has the ability to make ordinary products look extraordinary. SDM is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for photography, print and digital media.

Karen Franck | Greenheart Farms


I employed Daniel Van Bogelen and SDM to be Project Manager for a commercial website. The job involved website development, and mining information from a point of sale system database.

Daniel outsourced some of the database work. The work was done on schedule, within our specifications, and within budget. Daniel put out more work than he was contractually obligated to perform. Daniel maintained close contact with the company that performed the database work, and frequently updated me on progress. Problems were quickly addressed, and flexibility was demonstrated as there were many changes. I have recommended him highly for future projects to our corporate senior management.

William Davis | CashWiz


After careful consideration of multiple proposals, The Santa Maria Maria Valley Healing Rooms chose to work with Daniel Van Bogelen and SDM as we discovered they are the best fit for us, based on the following factors. Working with a company that has a solid track record in this field, works with (and stays on top of) current technology, can
provide real-time, on-going technical support and training, providing the level of customer care I believe we would need.

We needed to work with a firm that is willing to invest in us; that’s willing to take the needed time to understand our ministry — vision, mission, values—and will work with us as we go through our growing pains, while helping us to maximize our presence online, take advantage of the various functionalities available with well-designed sites, integrate the site with social media outlets, assist us with realizing and implementing best practices in using social media and we want to work with a company that’s proactive. By that I mean staying connected with us long-
term so that we don’t miss opportunities that may arise when technologies improve, methodologies change that would benefit us and so on.

Jim Douglas | Healing Rooms Apostolic


I contacted SDM after working with several design firms over the years who provided mediocre content, poor product support and lackluster customer service. As a chiropractor who specializes in pediatrics, I was concerned that our blasé web presence would attract the wrong types of folks to our niche office and I was correct. Certainly I had a vision, but not the design acumen nor the time to create a suitable campaign on my own. After discussing our challenges with Daniel Van Bogelen at SDM, it became apparent that we would require the one-on-one, custom approach his company could offer us.

After our first meeting, I knew Daniel could deliver what we were looking for. Design challenges were met with simple solutions and while I’m likely not the easiest client to work for, Daniel met each of my concerns with aplomb. The final product is nothing short of perfect: no doubt complex on the backside, our site is simple, elegant and seamless for our potential patients to navigate. The savings in time and money that SDM has afforded our practice, has allowed us to focus our energies on what we do best, take care of kiddos and families! Furthermore, our web presence has been used as an example for similar practitioners in my specialty to model their own after.

Daniel has created the standard that others in his industry can only strive to emulate. He his both a gentleman and a scholar, adaptable, creative and resourceful. I highly recommend his work to entrepreneurs and business owners of all types and know they’ll be as pleased as I am with his products and services. Thanks DVB!

Daniel Bronstein | Beacon Chiropractic


After spending the morning with Daniel my whole thought process was turned upside down. I walked away from our time together scratching my head and wondering what just happened? He caused me to re-evaluate my precise focus and gave insight and expertise to my project. He thinks out of the box which is a tremendous asset! Time with Daniel will wake every brain cell in your head up!

Dr. Bonnie Lyon | Educational Counselor


My wife and I can not thank you enough for the beautiful advertisement you created showcasing our senior living residences in Arroyo Grande. The response from your full color ad which ran in both The Tribune Newspaper and Coast News was phenomenal.

Not only did we receive an overwhelming number of responses but the quality of applicants was far above what we expected. Great job Daniel!

Duke & Lori Sterling


I am a satisfied repeat customer of SDM for over 15 years, working with Daniel is very pleasant and professional while getting the best solutions & end products that I need, he’s the best!

Thanks Daniel!
Ron Cook


The SDM experience was great! Easy to work with and creative in their thinking. My confidence in their work will bring me back for more consulting, whether it’s a small graphic design task or a larger SEO design and marketing project. I trust them!

Greg Franklin | The Wealth Pilot


I have always been delighted by the marketing designs provided by SDM. As an artist myself, I hold to the highest standards, and am continuously amazed by the creativity and professionalism Daniel Van Bogelen offers for every project he has done for my business.

Linda Blevins | Fine Art Oils and Sculpture


During our initial consultation, Daniel asked some critical questions about my business, my target market, and my mission that made me feel comfortable about the foundation of my website design. This was all a very comfortable and laid back conversation which made me feel confident about my choice to work with the SDM team.

The websites that SDM created for me were above and beyond what I paid for. SDM definitely under promised and over delivered! In addition, since launching my website, I have found Daniel always available to answer questions and make adjustments/updates to my websites when needed. He is very easy to communicate and work with. I am beyond pleased with their entire website design and functionality development as well as the ongoing coaching on how to use it.

As a result I am completely confident and comfortable to recommend SDM’s services to others.

Thanks for being awesome!!!

Chad Franco | Crossfit Five Cities