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During the first phase of your SEO Plan, we will create a solid, targeted strategy for your business. We will initially focus on the on-site aspect of search engine optimization.

On-site optimization includes everything related to your website as we evaluate and optimize all aspects including page structure, page speed and it’s integration with third party tools.

We’ll also perform keyword analysis to find the most relevant keywords for your company, targeted specifically for the industry you are competing in. We’ll identify the “low hanging fruit” keywords, that will provide the best bang for your buck, and improve your rankings as quickly as possible.

Boost Your Results!

If you would like to accelerate the initial SEO process, you can Boost your onboarding and we will dedicate additional time to expedite your results. You can achieve much quicker results with this option. For example, if you choose SEO Package 1, you have the option to Boost your onboard experience by $1000, which allows you to accomplish results a full month sooner!

Our overall SEO strategy is to use proven, evergreen skills and techniques that work quickly — and last. This strategy includes a customized mix of:

1) Search Engine & Human Friendly Content
2) Thoughtful Keyword Analysis
3) Optimized Website, Including Page Speed and Layout
4) Technical SEO
5) Link Building

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